The Hoffman Triangle Neighborhood Knowledge Center

August 11th, 2008 by Adam

For people and organizations living and working in the Hoffman Triangle Neighborhood of New Orleans.

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Batch Geocoding

August 23rd, 2006 by Adam

Working with the RALLY Foundation’s assessment of Central City New Orleans, I’ve been mapping some of the primary data collected. The easiest way to geocode is to use the batch geocoder here:

The site uses Yahoo’s Geocoding API which is based on NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas street data, hence it can give more accurate results than a TIGER-based geocoder.

I simply export unique household identifiers and their addresses from SPSS to DBF-IV, open it in Excel, and copy and past it into the html batch geocoder interface. Once the geocoding is done, I copy from the interface and paste back into excel. Save it as excel, import into SPSS, and then merge back into the original db (make sure to sort HHID in ascending order for both databases).

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