An sms-based system for realtime data collection and analysis

This is a system scripted in perl which utilizes cell phone simple text messaging (sms), a pop3 email account and a mysql database backend to field incoming survey data and dynamically render a summary statistics page. The concept is derived from the LINKS system .

Data is sent to the database via a cell phone text message in which variable values are delimited by the * character. The demo database currently only has two fields, called “Field 1″ and “Field 2″. The statistical summary page is set to report the proportion of “1″ values to “2″ values in each field.

It’s three steps. Try it out:

  1. In the body of the text message, type the following: *1*2* (or some other combination of 1 and 2)
  2. Send the text message with encoded data to: . This will add a case with the values “1″ and “2″ for Field 1 and Field 2, respectively, to the database.
  3. Then view the updated statistics here. (You may need to wait a few minutes for your data to be added.)
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