A grouped table of contents for ESRI’s ArcIMS html client

February 15th, 2007 by Adam

Dave Bollinger’s dbGroupToC is a fantastic improvement to the default ArcIMS html client interface. “It is capable of grouping any number of layers into any number of groups which may be collapsed and expanded. It supports visibility toggling at both the layer and group levels. It supports a single “swatch” per layer to indicate legend rendering, as well as an optional “legend” per layer which can include detailed legend rendering if desired. It distinguishes between layers which are completely visible, and layers which have been flagged visible but are not visible at the current zoom level. It is relatively browser-independent, requires only minimal changes to existing code to implement, and is clearly broken into code and data modules.”

You can download it, and instructions for installation, here.


1. Copy the entire dbGroupToc directory to the website directory which ArcIMS uses (so dbGroupToC is a subdirectory).

2. Replace the default toc.htm file, located in the website’s directory with the toc.htm included in the dbGroupToC directory you
just copied.

3. Add the following bit of Javascript to “MapFrame.htm” in
the website’s directory before (or after) the other included JavaScript files

4. Clear your browser cache and reload the website to make sure the ToC has been updated.

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