Success Measures Indicators

April 3rd, 2007 by Adam

Success Measures have posted an outline of their program here, inlcuding a list of their 44 indicators:


Set 1.  Measuring Benefits to Residents of New and Rehabilitated Housing
H 1. Monthly Housing Cost and Affordability
H 2. Quality of Housing
H 3. Wealth Creation through Homeownership
H 4. Environmentally Sustainable Design and Construction
H 5. Personal Effectiveness and Stability

Set 2.  Measuring Benefits to Community
H 6. Sense of Community
H 7. Visual Attractiveness of the Neighborhood
H 8. Community Use of Public Space
H 9. Neighborhood Security
H10.  Property Values ­­ Residential
H11.  Share of Owner­Occupied Homes

Set 3.  Measuring Benefits to Municipality and Society
H12.  Local Economic Impact
H13.  Duration of Residency and Resident Stability
H14.  Diversity of Incomes and of Housing Values and Types


Set 1.  Community and Organizational Capacity
C 1. Awareness of Community and Organization’s Effort
C 2. Participation in Community Organizations
C 3. Organizational Capacity for Developing Community Leaders
C 4. Organizations Involved in Community Building Initiatives and Resources Committed
C 5. Accountability to the Community
C 6. Awareness and Understanding of Community Issues
C 7. Capacity for Collective Action
C 8. Collaboration Achieving Economies of Scale and Scope

Set 2.    Social Relationships and Networks
C 9. Resident Satisfaction with Neighborhood
C10.  Sense of Social Cohesion
C11.  Personal and Social Networks
C12.  Links Across Race and Ethnicity
C 13.  Constructive Working Relationships among Individuals/Organizations in Community Building
C14.  Collaboration Promoting Shared Values

Set 3.    Community Economic and Political Influence
C15.  Evidence of Community Power
C16.  Voting Rates
C17.  Leadership for Change: Extent of Leadership
C18.  External Perception of Neighborhood
C19.  Public Services
C20.  Private Investment
C21.  Healthy Environment
C22.  Racial Equity


Set 1.  Measuring Benefits of Neighborhood­Based Business Support Programs
E 1. Business Size, Type and Profitability
E 2. Job Creation and Preservation

Set 2.  Measuring Benefits of Job Training Programs
E 3. Employment and Income from Job Training
E 4. Trainee Evaluation of Job Training and Placement
E 5. Skills Acquisition – Basic Job Readiness

Set 3.  Measuring Contributions to Community
E 6. Attractiveness of Business District
E 7. Extent to Which Basic Community Needs Are Met By Local Businesses
E 8. Local Business Support of and Participation in Community

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Various parameters of the Success Measures system

April 3rd, 2007 by Adam
Success Measures is based on a Participatory Evaluation Approach.  The idea is to collect data on smart outcomes and build an outcome chain to produce a narrative of change.

Indicators Sets:
Affordable Housing
Economic Development
New Tools

Levels of Change:
Broader Community

The Success Measures package includes:

A participatory outcome-based evaluation approach
Set of indicators and validated data collection instruments
Web-based data management system
Regional and customer training

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John Stahl’s “Plone for Nonprofits” recommendations

March 22nd, 2007 by Adam

Drupal has been packaging itself for nonprofits for years, and John Stahl recently outlined a set of core plone products that could be similarly packaged to address common non-profit use-cases.

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